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Polyester Girl
Polyester Girl
Polyester Girl
Polyester Girl
Polyester Girl
Polyester Girl Polyester Girl Polyester Girl Polyester Girl

Polyester Girl

$15.00 AUD

  • Bust out the butterfly hair clips and throw on some of our new HOLOGRAPHIC silver glitter on as cheek highlight!  Polyester Girl is the ultimate silver holo glitter that will have you wanting to put your hair in space buns and head out to a rave!  With multi-coloured sparkle that will bring extra movement and shine to your look, it's perfect for eyes and body and is SO SHINY!  Cut to a 0.200mm size that adds a twinkle without being too chunky, Polyester Girl is perfectly sparkly and very comfortable to wear - in fact, it's 30-40% softer than regular glitter.

    Packaged in a conveniently sized 5mL jar that has a special single hole sifter in the top that allows for easy access without the mess.  Once screwed closed it can be thrown in your makeup bag without ever worrying about spills.  

    As with all Glitter au Gogo glitters, Polyester Girl is made from biodegradable plant materials making it eye safe, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly. 

  • 100% Vegan glitters

    Cellulose, glycerin, styrene/acrylate co-polymer, aqua, urea, pigments (D&C Red 7, Yellow 3, Black 7, White 6, Blue 15), aluminium.

    Silver holographic glitters

    Microcrystalline cellulose, acrylates crosspolymer, aluminum.

    Gold holographic glitters

    Microcrystalline cellulose, glycerine, aqua, shellac, acrylates crosspolymer, FD&C Yellow 5, aluminum.

    Silver holographic stars

    Zea mays, polyvinyl acetate, aqua, acrylates crosspolymer, aluminum.

    Iridescent glitters

    Polylactide, copolymer.

    Ultimate Glitter Glue

    Aqua, acrylic emulsion, glycerol, guar gum, sorbitol, benzyl alcohol.