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biodegradable glitter for glamazons

Our Story

Gogo was created in 2017 by Brisbane-base burlesque dancer and costumier Margeaux Le Gogo. Margeaux was listening to a podcast when she learned of the dangers of craft glitter (which you can read about here). This sparked a search for a better and safer product for sparkling on stage. The quality, as well as safety and environmental friendliness of biodegradable glitter, made Margeaux realise she needed to share it with the world!

Once Margeaux had the glitter she needed the perfect packaging. The one thing that makes people not want to use glitter is the mess. There is nothing worse than opening a jar of glitter and it just going everywhere! Equally annoying is when you get packaging that has a multi-hole sifter but just can't seem to get any glitter out! The solution is the single hole sifter packaging that makes Glitter au Gogo so easy to use. The sifter keeps the glitter safe in the jar while you open the jar stopping unexpected spills. You can then easily dip your brush or a cotton tip into to hole and get exactly what you need. If your brush is too big you can pour a little out into the lid and get a controlled amount of glitter. Even if you drop the glitter with the stopper off, the spill is minimal.

And that is how Glitter au Gogo was born! Glitter au Gogo started out with a collection of 5 glitters and has grown to a large range that now also includes glitter glues and lip kits! Glitter au Gogo has become very popular in the burlesque and drag scenes and can be seen on the lid and lips of some of the most in demand performers in Australia! So grab a jar and shine on you crazy diamond!