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biodegradable glitter for glamazons


What is Glitter au Gogo made from? 

Glitter au Gogo glitters are made from celluose which is made from plants. They also contain binders which, in the case of some of our glitters, contain Shellac. Some also contain a thin layer of aluminium (less than 0.1%) for shine and pigments for colour. Ingredients for our glitters can be viewed here.

Are all Glitter au Gogo products vegan?

No. Some of our glitters contain shellac which is an animal product. Shellac is a resin secreted by the female lac bug. Items containing shellac are listed as non-vegan.

Is Glitter au Gogo cosmetic grade? 

Yes! All our glitters are cosmetic grade. They have all been certified as safe for skin as per FDA guidelines.